The beautiful “Selfie Stud”; he’s simply gorgeous ….

amazed #2Hi, friends and readers:

Several months ago, I came across a series of “selfie” photos a very beautiful young man took of himself. They were posted on a tumblr account and within days they were yanked, probably at tumblr’s request. (Their standards are so . . . unclear.)

camera #10Here’s a non-X-rated photo of our boy from the series he took of himself. As you can see, he’s a good-looking guy. I love his bushy dark hair and slender build. Believe me, this guy is not shy about showing off his equipment, either. He’s impressive.

Anyway, this morning I happened to stumble upon those same photos, along with some news ones, and I knew I had to share them with those of you who are over the age of eighteen and are not offended by male nudity.

I don’t post porn of any kind on this site, as it is intended for all ages, and that won’t ever change; it’s just how I want things. But f you’d like to see all of the “Selfie Stud” here’s a link:

Now, if you’ve had a look, tell me if you agree he’s a pretty amazing guy. I wonder what his name is and where he lives. I’m guessing he’s . . . Levi from Austin, Texas. He attends UT; he’s about to start his sophomore year and he doesn’t have a girlfriend. But why? 😉


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