A boyfriend in your bed; there’s nothing better ….

boyfriend in bed #2Hi, friends and readers:

Today is my boyfriend’s birthday, and this morning I woke to find him snoring softly next to me. He looked so beautiful I hated to wake him, but he needed to get ready for work. While I lay there looking at him, I reminded myself of just how lucky I am to have him with me each day, and how great it is to fall asleep next  to him each night. A boyfriend is a gay man’s greatest blessing, in my opinion.

boyfriend in bed #16I had a very busy day yesterday; I was on my feet a lot of the time, and yet today my knees are actually feeling better than they have since my surgery in mid-May. Who knows, maybe I am turning a corner in the recovery process. I sure hope so ….

I have a physical therapy appointment this afternoon, and that’s about all that’s on my schedule. Yeah, I have a bit of housework to do, and some correspondence to take care of, but that’s about it. Outside, it’s terribly hot, humid, and still. Way to miserable to do anything out of doors. So, I will stay in the air conditioned coolness of my home and try to stay busy.

Have a nice Tuesday, everyone.

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