Hot boys from Indiana; easy night on the island ….

ball cap backward #8Hi, friends and readers:

Ever been to Indiana? I have; in fact I spent three months there in the dead of winter when I was a trial lawyer. The weather sucked but I really liked Indianapolis and the people who lived there, especially the college boys from IUPUI.

I don’t know why people only think of farms when they think of Indiana. IU is one of our country’s finest public universities. And the boys in tonight’s photo posts will give you an idea of what the typical IU boy looks like. Can you say, “Dee-licious ….”?

It’s been a good day; I got a lot done around the house and my Physical Therapy session went pretty well. I also did some exercising at home. After my PT appointment I ran my errands, and now I am home.

ball cap backward #9We have an easy evening in store for us. I bought fresh Gulf shrimp at our island’s seafood market; I’ll make a shrimp and pasta dish that is one our favorites, with lots of chopped tomatoes and veggies. It’s a perfect summertime dish to enjoy in coastal Florida. I’ll prepare a fresh garden salad, and we’ll wash it all down with a nice California Sauvignon blanc. That doesn’t sound too bad, does it?

I’m not sure what we’ll do after dinner. My choice will be a visit to our timeshare down the street for a dip in the swimming pool. During summer in Florida, taking a nighttime swim is a luxury one should enjoy on a regular basis, I think. It’s nice to watch the moon rise in the night sky while you float around the pool.

Okay, everyone, I need ot get busy in the kitchen, so I will close this posy by wishing all my Indiana boys a sweet summer. Keep those shirts off, guys. You look great without them. 😉

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