Shirtless and sexy guys; typical Wednesday for Martin ….

shirtless #15Hi, friends and readers:

Because I live in a beach community, an island on the Gulf of Mexico, I see a lot of young men walking about our shoreline wearing nothing but swim trunks, and every once in a while I will see a guy who steals my breath he’s so attractive. Like the young men in today’s photo posts. Guys like them should never wear shirts, right?

My boyfriend and I shared a very pleasant dinner last night, to celebrate his birthday. We dined at a French restaurant in downtown St. Petersburg. The food was great and so was our server. He was so personable without being obtrusive, know what I mean?

Today will be another typical day in the life of Martin Delacroix, post-surgical patient. I won’t do much in the area of physical activity. I have a physical therapy appointment this afternoon, and I’ll run a few errands afterward, that’s about it.

shirtless #3If you are normally a physically-active person like me, and then you spend two months sitting around the house waiting to recover form surgery, life can become rather frustrating. It has been eight weeks since my surgery, but I still can’t walk normally, much less go to the gym to work out. I can’t run or walk long distances. But I have decided to try returning to the YMCA to swim laps in the indoor pool, probably tomorrow. I’m going stir-crazy and maybe some lap-swimming will do me some good. I have not been to the YMCA in ten weeks because I was sick with a cold for two weeks preceding my surgery. (AmI sounding like a perpetual invalid? Well, I’m not.)

Anyway, for now I will tend to correspondence and do a few household chores that don’t require too much bending and lifting. And I’ll do a little reading, that’s about it. Have a nice Wednesday, everyone.

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