Okay, guys from University of Wisconsin are pretty hot too ….

beanie #3Hi, friends and readers:

Yesterday I posted two photos of college boys from Indiana University, and then I went on about how much I liked Indianapolis and the boys from the IUPUI campus there.

Last night I got a message from a student at University of Wisconsin/Madison reminding me that the “guys there are pretty sexy as well.” And based on the photo I have posted here, I’d say that’s true. Also, my very own boyfriend is a UW/Madison graduate; he’s cute as hell. And he and I visited the UW/Madison campus once. There were¬†lots¬†of cute boys milling about.

wisconsin boysOh, and it looks like the soccer team at UW is pretty hot themselves, doesn’t it?

Speaking of Wisconsin, my boyfriend and I will visit there later this month for a week-long stay at his parents’ vacation home. The weather up there is always nice at this time of year: cool and sunny with low humidity. It’ll be a nice change form the sweltering heat in Florida, so I can’t wait.

Okay, it’s lunchtime, so I have to run. Today will be my first visit to the YMCA in ten weeks, and I can’t wait for that as well. I’ll do a light workout, and then I’ll swim some laps in the pool. What could be better?

Have a nice Thursday, friends.

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