Guys with beautiful butts; busy morning for Martin ….

butt #7Hi, friends and readers:

I once read that men have two kinds of butt cheek shapes: the football or the volleyball. I like both kinds of butts myself, although you must admit the young man to the left here has a truly amazing set of “volleyballs”. Aye-yi-yi, I could stroke them and squeeze them all day long ….

Last night a couple from North Carolina called to reserve our vacation rental apartment next door for three weeks, starting this Thursday. That meant the place had to be cleaned up inside and out so it’s ready for occupancy.

butt #6By the way, I’m not sure how I’d classify the guy’s butt to the left. It’s pretty rounded, so I guess he’s a “volleyball butt”, just more compact than the guy in the top photo. How would you like to walk into your bedroom and find him lying on your bed like that? Me, I’d pounce and ask questions later.

After I ate breakfast, I got busy. First I cleaned the back patio; it needed shrubs trimmed and palm fronds cleaned up. I cleaned pine needles off the front sidewalk. Then I cleaned the apartment’s interior: the shower stall, the kitchen, the window sills and other surfaces. The whole thing took about 90 minutes, and it wasn’t too bad because the sky today is overcast. Now it looks really nice over there, and I feel like I accomplished something, despite my achy knees.

This afternoon I’ll visit the YMCA in town to perform a workout and lap-swimming session. Yeah, my knees are a little tired after the paces I put them through this morning, but I’ll do my best at the YMCA. It’s time I got myself back in shape after my surgery.

Have a great Tuesday, everyone.

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