Hot boys in the kitchen; quiet Wednesday for Martin ….

kitchen boyHi, friends and readers:

I like spending time in my kitchen; it’s well laid out, everything’s in reach. I have a huge fridge, a gas cooktop, and granite counters, plus a nice window above the sink that looks into our rear patio. But I’d like my kitchen a lot more if one of the guys in today’s photo posts were in it, especially if he wore nothing but skimpy white briefs like the guy to the left. Check out his beefy butt and powerful legs. Aye-yi-yi, I’d cook for him all day long if he wanted me to. 😉

I stayed up late last night, after I watched the film Pet Sematary by myself. I think the film gave me a bit of the willies, so I spent some time afterward sitting on my back screened porch and drinking a glass of wine. I guess I shouldn’t watch creepy movies alone. But anyway, I slept in late this morning, and now I need to get things in gear.

kitchen boy #2Outside, it’s breezy and overcast; we may get more rain showers again today, which would be fine with me. Rain keep things a little cooler than normal. I need to visit City Hall this morning, and then I’ll hit the supermarket for a few things on my way home. I have a physical therapy appointment this afternoon, and I’ll do some home exercises as well.

It has been nine weeks since my knee replacement surgeries and I am slowly getting back to normal. I had a great workout and lap-swimming session at the YMCA yesterday, and I’m not even sore this morning from my efforts. I think my body’s recovering nicely.

Okay, everyone, time’s passing quickly and I must get busy, so I will close this post by wishing all of you a wonderful Wednesday. Check your kitchen, why don’t you? You never know who you might find there. 🙂


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