Hot guys on boats; rainy Thursday on the island ….

on the boat #4Hi, friends and readers:

Since I live on an island I am surrounded by water. Boating’s very popular around here; I’m always seeing boats cruising by my place, often filled with young men wearing little but swim trunks, and it’s always a pleasant sight to see. There’s something about being afloat that makes a guy lose some of his inhibitions, especially if there’s an ice cooler full of beer aboard.

Would you like to share a boat and a beer with either guy in today’s photo posts? I know would. 😉

It’s been raining on and off all day long, which makes for a gloomy day. I slept in late, and after I wolfed down a quick lunch around noon I drove into town to visit the YMCA for a full workout and lap-swimming in the indoor pool. All went well there, and then I cruised home on rain-slicked streets.

on the boat #3In just a few minutes I’m expecting our new guests who will stay next door in our vacation rental for three weeks. They are from North Carolina and seem very nice. I just hope the weather clears up for them so they can enjoy the beach.

I’m not sure what’s in  store for us tonight, maybe a swim at our timeshare’s pool, or a walk down the street to by ice cream. After being indoors all day I am ready to breathe fresh air. Have a nice Thursday, everyone.

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