Lover boys enjoying life; Martin’s hitting the road for a week ….

lover boys #2Hi, friends and readers:

Tomorrow morning my boyfriend and I will board a plane at Tampa’s airport for a flight to Minneapolis. We’ll rent a car there, and then drive to Door County, WI for a week of relaxation at vacation home owned by my boyfriend’s parents. It’s a beautiful place overlooking Green Bay. The weather’s almost always nice in Wisconsin at this time of year, and I hope we’ll be doing a lot of smooching as we build fires in the outdoor fire pit at night. I can’t wait to get away form Florida’s heat and humidity.

I’m not sure whether or not I’ll have Internet access, so it’s quite possible you won’t hear from me for a week. (For some of you that’s probably a blessing ….) Anyway, while I’m gone I hope your life goes well, wherever you are. If you have a boyfriend, be sure ot give him a kiss tonight. It’s important.

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