More guys in ball caps; quiet night ahead for Martin ….

ball cap backward #6Hi, friends and readers:

Like I said this morning, there’s something about a ball cap that can lend a very sexy look to a young man’s appearance. I especially like the “ball cap backward” look on some guys, like the two in this evening’s photo post.

The guy in the upper photo looks like he might be stoned on weed; it’s hard to say, but I wouldn’t hold it against him. I’d rather hold something else against him instead. 😉 Anyway, I wonder if all guys a University of Michigan are as cute as he is? Ann Arbor, here I come ….

ball cap backward #4The tree-trimming guys came here late this morning, and because they didn’t finish until about 1:30 PM, I got a late start on my visit to the YMCA. It was okay, I still had a great workout, followed by a nice lap-swimming session. I even had my own lap lane, which is always nice.

On my way home, I stopped at the supermarket to buy all kinds of things, since our fridge and cupboards were pretty barren from our week spent in Wisconsin. Then I had to stop at the seafood market to buy fresh shrimp for tonight’s dinner.

It’s going to be a quiet night around here, I think. My boyfriend has some school-related work to do, so I will probably put on my Beats headphones and rock out while I cook dinner for us. Maybe afterward we’ll visit our timeshare down the street to enjoy the pool and hot tub. It’s kind of a gloomy night here: damp and overcast, but I still feel like getting outside.

Have a nice Monday night, friends.

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