Hot boys in the shower; quiet night on the island ….

shower time #2Hi, friends and readers:

Every time I visit the YMCA, after I swim my laps in the pool, I grab a shower in the men’s locker room. Sadly, there are hard;y any hot guys who choose to shower there as well. These days, young guys are very modest about showering around other guys, I guess because boys don’t have to shower with one another when they take P.E. in high school, they feel uncomfortable with the whole thing.

How sad ….

Speaking of the YMCA, I had a fine workout and lap-swimming session this afternoon, and I left feeling refreshed. It feels so good to get back in my exercise groove after living a relatively sedentary life for about ten weeks. Already I can see subtle changes in the muscles of my arms, legs and shoulders. Maybe I’ll be back to normal physically in another 4-6 weeks, we’ll see.

It raineshower time #4d around here pretty much all day. The drainage ditches on the edges of the highways are full of water. So are the storm sewers. But at least all the foliage is nice and green. The rain also lends a sense of quietude to our beach community. There aren’t many tourists about.

I’m not sure what we’ll do with our Wednesday evening. I’ll cook dinner, of course, while my boyfriend deals with some school responsibilities. After we clean the kitchen, maybe we’ll find something to do, like soaking in the hot tub or maybe taking a ride on my boyfriend’s moped. It’s an Italian model and pretty cute. (Of course, so is he.)

All right, everyone, I need to get busy, so I will close this post by wishing everyone a wonderful Wednesday evening. And don’t forget to take a shower. 😉

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