A pair of sexy cowboys; another cloudy day on the island ….

cowboy #4Hi, friends and readers:

I’ve never dated a cowboy. In fact, I’ve never known one. But I hear they can be pretty sexy in their own way, if you don’t mind the scents of leather and sweat. And you have to admit, the guys in today’s photo posts look pretty darn good, don’t they?

Of course, a lot of cowboy mystique is probably fantasy. It can’t be too glamorous riding in the saddle all day, chasing beef cattle and not showering for days at a time when you’re on a drive. Also, you’re exposed to whatever weather comes your way, and that can’t be much fun. Anyway the guy in the top photo looks like he spends more time in the gym than he does the prairie, so he’s probably not even a real cowboy, just a model with a cowboy hat atop his handsome head. Oh, well …. 🙁

cowboy #2I was a good boy this morning; I rose at 7:30 to take my 1-1/2 mile walk before the sun got too high in the sky and the temperature began to climb. It wasn’t too bad outside, albeit humid. But now the sky has clouded up again, and we’ll likely get more rain today. I don’t mind the rain; it keeps things cool, but I feel sorry for all the tourists who are stuck in their hotel rooms while the showers pound their roofs. If you are paying $200 a night to stay in a beachfront place, you might be feeling a bit upset after ten straight days of rain.

I have an easy day ahead of me. I’ll buy provisions for our weekend trip to our fishing camp at the supermarket. I’ll do my home exercises to strengthen my knees, and then visit the physical therapists at three PM for more exercising. Tonight, we’ll need to pack for the weekend: clothes, food, and other supplies. And that’s about it.

Haver a nice Thursday, everyone.


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