Beautiful and shirtless; Martin’s going fishing ….

shirtless #16Hi, friends and readers:

I’ve said it many times before: some guys should never wear a shirt. Why cover up all that smooth skin and those rippling muscles? The guys in today’s photo posts fall into that category. Imagine having one of them wandering about your house all day, looking just as they do in the photos? Aye-yi-yi, I might just have a stroke … 😉

Well, I am up early with much to do. I had to skip my morning beach walk because I don’t have time for it today. In about tow hours I will climb into my fully loaded Honda Element to drive up to our fishing camp. It’s about 75 miles north of here on a little island on a river, where the river meets the Gulf of Mexico. We have to travel six miles by boat to get there; it’s in a very remote and beautiful place, and hopefully my boyfriend will spend a good deal of time wandering around shirtless.

shirtless #2See this guy to the left? he reminds me very much of a fraternity brother of mine when I was in college at University of Florida. I used to shower next to him all the time when we both lived in the fraternity house, and I often found it hard not to spring an erection. Killian, where are you today?

Anyway, we’ll spend two nights on the island. We’ll dive for scallops and fish for trout and red drum. We’ll drink a lot of beer and wine while enjoying the beauty of outdoor Florida, far from the theme parks and tourist traps. We don’t have Internet service up there, obviously, so I won’t be posting again until Sunday evening. Can you guys survive without me for that long?

Okay, I need to close out this post and get busy. I hope wherever you are right now, you’ll have a wonderful weekend. Don’t forget to take off your shirt. 😉

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