Lover boys looking after each other; my boyfriend’s home from surgery ….

Copyright Liam Leslie 2009

Copyright Liam Leslie 2009

Hi, friends and readers:

Most of the time when I post “lover boy” photos they are sensual, even sexy. But sometimes a boyfriend needs to be more than just a lover/sex partner. He needs to be a comforter and support base. He needs to be there when the going gets rough, when your boyfriend gets fired or arrested or he loses a family member, he has to do whatever is necessary to get his partner through the crisis.

lover boys #3This morning, I drove my boyfriend to the hospital for surgery to remove his tonsils, which is very rough stuff when you’re in your late twenties. Recovery takes two weeks; he can’t even go to work or drive. So, I’ll be nursemaid, cook and house-keeper while he recovers. I don’t mind one bit. After all, he took great care of me after my knee surgeries in May. Now I’ll do the same with a smile on my face.

It’s been a long day; we were at the hospital nearly five hours, and now my boyfriend’s laid out on the sofa, watching a Netflix film as to type these words. He’s on a liquid diet for the rest of the day, so I’ll eat leftovers. (Okay, and maybe I’ll enjoy a few drinks while my boyfriend relaxes with his painkiller.)

Outside, this was the first sunny day we’ve had in nearly three weeks. That means it’s hot as hell out there, but it’s nice ot have clear skies for a change. Have a nice Tuesday, everyone. And be sure to treat your boyfriend like he’s gold, because he is ….

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