A boyfriend in your bed; every gay man needs one ….

boyfriend in bed #16Hi, friends and readers:

If you are a gay man, then hopefully you have experienced the joy of waking up next to your boyfriend on a Sunday morning, knowing that you two will have the entire day to yourselves. No job to go to, no classes to attend, no appointments. So, before you leave the sheets, maybe you’ll take a little time to get intimate, even if it’s just snuggling and talking about personal matters. It’s a special experience nothing else can duplicate.

boyfriend in bed #2Well, I’m up fairly early this morning, and the sun is shining. We had torrential rainstorms yesterday; it’s very damp outside, but hopefully the sunshine will dry things up and we’ll have a nice day, albeit warm. We don’t have any specific plans, really, There’s some housework to do, and maybe we’ll take a drive someplace interesting. My poor boyfriend is still quite restricted on what he can do: soft foods only and no alcohol. But we’ll figure out something.

Have a nice Sunday, everyone. And don’t forget to kiss your boyfriend; it’s important.

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