More of Vince Kowalski; easy night ahead for Martin ….

baseballer #5Hi, friends and readers:

This morning I posted two Vince Kowalski photos, and a lot of people liked them. I wasn’t surprised; he’s a handsome guy. But I think he looked a lot better two years ago than he does now.

This is the old Vince in his pre-tattoos/good haircut days. He looks so wholesome, doesn’t he?

I had a doctor’s appointment with the orthopedic surgeon who did my knee surgeries in May. They took X-rays and he declared the surgery a complete success. I got to see pictures of the pieces they installed in my legs, very cool. Afterward, I met by boyfriend at Best Buy to purchase a new wireless router for our property, and also a new amplifier for our sound system, since the old one was shot.

kowalski #4Oh, here’s present day Vince, and I can;t say that I care for the new look. Too many tats, and who told Vince that haircut looks good on him? He looks like a Justin Bieber clone, and it’s not an improve-ment. Good luck, Vince. We loved you once …. 🙁

Back to today …

When we got home we installed the new router first, and then hooked up the new amplifier. We ran into a few complications, which led to some tense moments, but now everything’s working fine and our sound system, especially, is vastly improved by the new Sony amp.

We don’t have much on our agenda tonight, but I think there’s a good chance we’ll visit our timeshare down the street for a swim in the pool if it doesn’t rain, which it has done every night for the past three weeks. This is the weirdest weather I can ever remember in the Tampa Bay area.

Have a great Tuesday night, friends.


2 thoughts on “More of Vince Kowalski; easy night ahead for Martin ….

  1. I agree with you, Martin, about the tatoos. Guess I’ve come to understand why people choose to make unremovable drawings in their skins. I am reading ”Touching – The Human Significance of the Skin,” by a prolific researcher called Ashley Montagu. Have also read other books concerning the importance of skin-to-skin contact in the identity formation and well-being of humans.

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