Beautiful Kurt Marshall: what a waste ….

kurt marshallHi, friends and readers:

The guy you see to the left was Kurt Marshall, a gay porn actor who appeared in several films in the mid-1980’s. His real name was James Rideout, Jr.; he grew up in a small town in Maine, where he was a high school athlete, but he moved to California to attend San Francisco State University. It was there he began appearing in porn films, and there he began abusing illegal drugs.

Kurt’s most famour film was titled Sizing Up. I remember owning a copy myself, a VCR tape that got a lot of use, as the scenes were extremely hot, especially those in which Kurt appeared. Kurt played to role of a college track star. My favorite scene took place in a locker room just prior to a track meet, where Kurt is screwed by his beefcake teammate. His most famous line in the scene is, “Oh, yeah, fuck my jock ass.”

kurt marshall #2Sadly, Kurt contracted HIV, either from unprotected sex  or intravenous drug use. His beauty quickly dissipated and in 1988 he died of kidney failure associated with his drug use and HIV.

Had he lived, Kurt would be fifty years old now, and I wonder what he’d be doing for a living today? And was he happy when he was alive? I guess we’ll never know, will we? You can still buy a copy of Sizing Up from Falcon Studios here:

Have a nice Saturday, everyone.

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