One more “Video Game Boy” photo ….

video game boy #3Hi, friends and readers:

Just when I thought I’d seen all the photos of the “Video Game Boy”, someone sent me another which I have posted here on the left. He certainly seems to favor tight briefs, doesn’t he. I think he likes showing off that substantial bulge he’s carrying around …. 😉

So, it’s been a pleasant day around here. After lunch, I did my physical therapy exercises, and then my boyfriend and I walked down to the beach to take a half-hour dip in the Gulf of Mexico. The water temperature was just right, about 85 degrees, I’d guess, so it kept us cool while we were down there. I nice breeze was blowing too. When we got back to the house we cleaned off our elevated deck, and the my boyfriend washed his car while I sprayed for weeds. I even watered my neighbor’s plants for him since he’s out of town for several days. What a productive afternoon!

Now it’s nearly five o;clock and I’m about ready for a cold beer. Like I said this morning, we’re having a friend over for dinner tonight and that should consume most of our evening. Have a fine Sunday night, everyone.

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