Hot guys getting wet; busy day for Martin ….

wet #10Hi, friends and readers:

Ever notice how a guy who’s soaking wet looks so much more sexy than he does when he’s dry? There’s something about water streaming over rippling flesh that makes it oh-so-appealing, right?

Now the guy to the right certainly has a beautiful body, but it’s even more beautiful when wet, I’d say. He seems to be enjoying himself with that hose, doesn’t he?

It’s been a satisfying day altogether. I walked on the beach around 7:30 AM, where the Gulf was calm and the air was still somewhat cool. I had a productive day editing the novel I am working on. After luinch I dorve into the city for a viti to the YMCA where I performed a full workout and then swam laps in the indoor pool. The place wasn’t crowded and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

wet #3After I left the YMCA, I ran errands: Home Depot, the wine market, the bank, the drug store, and the supermarket. I felt like a harried housewife, but I got it all done. I walked my neighbor’s dog, and now I’m home, with a freshly-opened, cold beer.

By the way, the photo to the left looks like a candid that brings to mind those moments when you’re standing alongside a cute guy in the water and you steal glances at his sexy physique. I love the way the photographer caught the water dripping off the boy’s arms and hands.

It’s going to be a quiet night around here. I’m cooking something a don’t often make: meatloaf. I know that sounds kind of old school, but I have this great recipe that is uber tasty and not too difficult. I’ll team it up with mashed potatoes and sweet peas, and we’ll have a fine meal.

Sorry I didn’t post this morning, guys, but I was just too busy. Have wonderful Monday evening.

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