More “best friends” photos; quiet night on the island ….

best friends #2Hi, friends and readers:

Continuing with this morning’s “best friends” theme, I’m putting up two more photos this evening for your enjoyment. I especially love the top photo. Notice how the guys are similarly dressed. You can tell they love spending time together doing the most ordinary of things.

I lost one of my best friends last year; a guy who I shared a house with during my law school days. We were friends for almost forty years, and his death left a huge hole in my heart. But I am grateful I had his friendship for such a long time.

best friends #4It’s been an easy day for me; I didn’t do much. I had to cancel my physical therapy appointment due to problems I’m having with a tenant who is a bit unhinged. I had to meet with a sheriff’s deputy about the situation, and hopefully it will be resolved tomorrow. I hate his kind of stuff, but it comes with renting property to people you don’t know.

My boyfriend’s home now, and tonight we’ll lay low at the house. I’m preparing a shrimp-over-pasta dish for our dinner, and then we’ll watch the remainder of the movie we started watching last night. By the way, I guess you could say my boyfriend is also my best friend. Aren’t I lucky?

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