Hot guys in hammocks; chaotic day for Martin ….

hammock #2HI, friends and readers:

In the summertime, one of life’s simple pleasures is lying in a hammock outdoors where you can relax and enjoy the fine weather. Um, would you be willing to share a hammock with either of the guys in today’s photo posts? You know you would, and wouldn’t it be fun, just swinging and chatting and maybe getting a little affectionate? M-m-m … h-m-m.

hammockIt’s been a rather chaotic day today; I didn’t get to do¬†anything¬†I wanted to because of multiple issues I had to deal with: crazy tenant I had to eject from our vacation rental apartment, meeting with the Sheriff about my car getting vandalized, and dealing with a serious plumbing issue which still has not been resolved. And then there was getting a shattered window in my car fixed. Oh it was all so much fun. May I never have such a day again; it’s been hellish.

Now it’s around four PM and I am just getting around to posting. Sorry about that, but I had crises to tend to. I think my boyfriend and I are going to hear some live music at a craft brewery this evening. That’ll be a nice relief from the day’s strife.

Have a nice Friday, friends.

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