Sexy guys in sunglasses; another steamy day on the island ….

sunglasses #3Hi, friends and readers:

Here in coastal Florida the sunlight is very intense during the day. It reflects off the Gulf of Mexico and off our sandy beaches. To protect our eyes, most of us wear sunglasses whenever we venture outside during daylight hours

Now, I don’t know about you, but I think a stylish pair of sunglasses lends an air of sexiness to a guy’s appearance, especially if he looks like on of the two guys in today’s photo posts. I doubt either guy has any problem getting dates whenever he chooses to go on one. Aye-yi-yi ….

sunglasses #2We had a great time at the brewery last night. It was our first visit, and I was surprised at the large number of people were there. Most were in the mid-twenties and a lot of them brought their kids with them A live band played and there were all kinds of games to play to keep the kids occupied. We probably stayed about two hours. The beer was real tasty and I enjoyed the live music.

We spent a lazy morning, here at the house, and now that we’ve had lunch we’re going into the city to visit the YMCA for a workout and lap-swimming. It’s too damned hot to do anything outdoors until about 6:30, so getting exercise indoors is the way to go.

Tonight we’ll have dinner with friends in the city, and then the four of us will attend a professional soccer match in a stadium on St. Petersburg’s waterfront. Not a bad way to spend the day, huh? Have a nice Saturday, everyone.

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