Hot guys in boardshorts; gloomy morning on the island ….

boardshorts #5Hi, friends and readers:

Since I live in a beach community, I see what guys are wearing to the beach most every day. For several years, boardrshorts have been the most popular beach attire for young men. I like boardshorts, despite the fact they cover up so much skin. But now I’m noticing more and more guys are switching to more traditional swim trunks with elastic waists and legs that only come to mid-thigh. I like the look of the new trunks; in fact, I think I’ll buy myself a pair.

Anyway, before boardshorts disappear entirely, I thought I’d post a pair of my favorite boardshorts photos for your enjoyment. I love the way the guy in the top photo is wearing his boardshorts. Hey, if you’ve got a nice butt, why not show it off to the world?

boardshorts #2I woke to the sound of thunder and rain this morning. There was no way I could walk the beach in those type weather conditions, so I stayed in bed and got a little extra sleep. I rose around nine, to make coffee for my boyfriend while he showered and got himself ready for today’s classes. After a quick breakfast, he departed and then I got busy editing my latest novel-in-progress. Outside, it’s still and overcast, and I’m still hearing thunder off in the distance. I don’t mind this sort of weather, as it keeps the heat down. Plus it’s kind of peaceful.

I have a physical therapy session early this afternoon, and then I’ll head to the supermarket to re-stock our fridge and cupboards.

I’m not sure what’s on tap for tonight. My boyfriend will probably immerse himself in his studies, so I may be left to my own devices, as they say. It’s okay, I have plenty to keep me busy around here. Have a nice Thursday, everyone.

2 thoughts on “Hot guys in boardshorts; gloomy morning on the island ….

  1. I like the boy on the bridge most of the two, however the one in the upper foto is daring, walking this way in a living area. I wonder what was to be seen looking up his front.
    Greetings to you and your boyfriend,

    • Hi, Henri:

      Thanks for the greeting; I’m glad you liked the photo posts. Regarding the upper photo, something tells me the view from the front was equally amazing. 😉 Thanks for writing.


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