More guys in boardshorts; fun evening in store for Martin ….

boardshorts #6Hi, friends and readers:

As noted in this morning’s post, it seems that boardshorts are on their way out as preferred beachwear worn by young men. Well, they’ve had a good run, Id’ say, at least 8-10 years, and maybe a change is in order.

Anyway, I thought I share to more of my favorite boardshorts photos with you guys tonight, since we may not be seeing many more in the future. In my view the guys in these two photo would look good wearing just about anything. Would you agree?

I had a quiet afternoon. My physical therapy appointment went well, but I was sore when it was done. Then I hit the supermarket to buy all kinds of stuff we were out of. I must have been in the store more than a half hour and, sadly, my favorite stock clerk wasn’t there. 🙁 I’d sure like to see him in boardshorts …..

boardshorts #4Okay, the guy in the photo to the left isn’t at the beach. Instead he’s mowing a yard. And if he lived in my neighborhood I’d certainly pay him to mow mine, as long as he agreed to dress like that for the job.

It seems a hotel on our island is hosting a cocktail party for gay men this evening, and since my boyfriend doesn;t have to study tonight (Yay!) I think we’ll attend. Then we have fresh mussels and Maine lobsters to cook for dinner. Yummy! Okay, lobster is expensive, but we don’t eat it that often and it’ll be something different we can enjoy.

Speaking of lobster, a friend who owns a cottage in rural Maine has invited me to join him on a week-long visit up there at the end of September, and I can’t wait. I have been there many times; it’s beautiful, and the weather at that time will be perfect.

Okay, everyone, have a nice Thursday night wherever you might be today.


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