Sexy triathletes; Martin’s back from fishing ….

triathlete #4Hi, friends and readers:

Ever attended a triathlon? Well, if you find the guy to the left appealing, then you probably should. The participants in these events are in superb shape, and they aren’t wearing much during the competition, as you can see from the photos I’ve posted here this evening. Go ahead, give one a try; you might become a devoted fan of the sport …. 😉

Well, I didn’t post yesterday or this morning because yesterday morning my boyfriend and I drove up to a marina 75 miles north of here where we took our boat six miles down a river to visit our fishing camp. We only stayed one night because my boyfriend has classes tomorrow, but even though our stay was short we really enjoyed ourselves, and that was in spite of the fact we didn’t get to go fishing because of rainy weather. It was okay, Our boat ran great and the rain kept things cool for sleeping. We returned home today around 1:30 PM.

triathlete #2Oh, here’s another triathlete photo I really like. You can tell this guy is really pouring on the speed as he leaves the water and heads for his bicycle. (I think that’s the order of events in a triathlon: swimming, cycling, and then running.)

After we got home and put things away, I relaxed for a while in the air conditioning (There’s none at the camp.) and then I washed the outside and interior of my Honda Element. It really needed cleaned after all the “love bugs” we collected going to and from the river. The weather conditions this afternoon were not very pleasant: hot and humid. By the time I got the job done I was soaking wet, not from the hose but from sweat. Ugh, I can’t wait to put summer behind us ….

I just cracked open a cold beer, and while my boyfriend studies I’ll prepare a fish dinner for us tonight: fresh sole, mac and cheese, and green beans. I have a tasty recipe for baked fish, so we’ll have a fine fish dinner, even though we didn’t catch any. 🙂 Have a nice Sunday night, friends.


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