More blond beauties; quiet night on the island ….

blond beautyHi, friends and readers:

Since I started the day with beautiful blond guys I thought I might as well finish with them too. The top photo is clearly a professional shot. I really like the way the model is posed and the way the light plays on his hair and slender build. It’s hard to tell what sort of emotion is supposed to be communicated by it all. Why is he standing in a corner like that?

Well, I accomplished all my goals for the day: editing my novel-in-progress, a trip to the marine dealer where I got just the part we needed for our boat’s motor, a visit to the dentist where I had my teeth cleaned, and then a three-mile walk on the beach when I returned home. My boyfriend and I also assembled two new dining chairs for our vacation rental next door, as the old ones over there were falling apart,

blue boardshortsOkay, this second photo clearly is not a professional one, but I certainly like it. I’m guessing someone spotted this handsome guy with all his curly blond hair and decided to snap the shot. I’m guessing he is Australian; he has that look. I wonder what happened to his wrist with the ace bandage on it? Skateboarding accident perhaps?

It’s going to be a quiet night, here on the island. My boyfriend, of course, has to study for his classes tomorrow, but we might be able to sneak a swim in after he’s done. A moonlight dip in the pool at our timeshare down the street would be so nice ….

Okay, I need to get our dinner started in the kitchen, so I will close this post by wishing everyone a wonderful Tuesday evening, wherever you might be. Keep smiling, friends …. 🙂

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