More guys with amazing butts; warm evening on the island ….

butt #14Hi, friends and readers:

As promised this morning I am posting two more photos of “guys with amazing butts” this evening.

Check out the photo to the left. It’s funny how some guys lose their clothing as soon as they’re out in nature where they think no one will see them in their birthday suits. The young  man to the left seems perfectly comfortable in his outfit, doesn’t he?

You know, I’ve spent a fair amount of time in Europe over the years, and you’d be surprised by how much public nudity you’ll see in parks and at swimming beaches. Europeans just aren’t modest like we Americans tend to be. And I thin that’s okay. I mean, why be ashamed of our bodies? If a guy wants to get naked in nature, why shouldn’t he. Who’s he hurting? Nobody …..

butt #7Anybody like to go to the beach with Mr. Naked here to the left. I’d join him in a heartbeat …. 😉

Well, I had a good workout and lap-swimming session at the YMCA; I even got my own lap lane. After a nice warm shower, I headed back to the beaches where I hit the super-market for a few things we needed. Then I went home.

It’s stinking hot outside this evening, way too hot to do anything outdoors until the sun gets low in the sky around seven PM. I’ll stay in the air conditioning for now, with a bottle of cold beer and a friend’s story to finish editing.

My boyfriend just got home from classes, and now he’ll need to study for a few hours. As mentioned this morning, I plan to make a homemade pizza tonight. Doesn’t that sound good? Have a nice Wednesday night, everyone.

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