Okay, two more “amazing butts” photos; Martin’s off for Dallas ….

butt #13Hi, friends and readers:

Okay, I’m not trying to beat this “beautiful butts” thing to death, but the reaction to yesterday’s photos has been overwhelmingly positive (Who’d have guessed?) and so I thought I share two more before leaving town for the weekend. Does anyone have a problem with that?

Well, let’s have a look at the young man to the left. Admit it, he’s the type of guy you always lusted for when you showered in P.E class, isn’t he? Aye-yi-yi, check out those legs. He’s close to perfection. (Okay, Martin, stop drooling ….)

We had a great time in the city last night, sharing our friend’s company for the first time in many months, and savoring some very tasty Greek cuisine. Ever dined on Greek stuffed tomato and stuffed bell pepper? It’s the best ….

butt #12Okay, this second photo almost borders on fine art, doesn’t it? The fact our boy is naked in the outdoors adds to its beauty and sexiness, as does his all-over tan. But I love the way he is posed and the lovely location. I wonder who the photographer is? Does anyone know?

As mentioned, I am leaving town for a few days. Our flight for Dallas leaves around noon on Friday. Now, I am not a huge sports fan, but my lovely boyfriend is. He’s a graduate of University of Wisconsin-Madison, one of the finer public universities in the U.S., and Saturday evening their football team will play University of Alabama’s at the Dallas Cowboys’ stadium in Arlington, TX. We have a hotel room right near the stadium, and it should be quite the event. I’m expecting a lot of boozing and bad behavior. (Does’t that sound awful?) Despite the fact I’m a southern boy and should be cheering for Alabama, I have dutifully purchased a Badgers shirt like the good boyfriend I am. I’ll cheer for the Wisconsin boys because I love my boyfriend and I love Wisconsin. Whenever we are up there I feel like I’m at home.

It’s doubtful I will post during the trip. So you will have to make it through the weekend without me, friends. Have a wonderful holiday. Be safe. You’ll hear from me by Monday at the latest.

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