Hot Wisconsin boys; Martin’s in Dallas today ….

sconiesHi, friends and readers:

My boyfriend is a University of Wisconsin/Madison graduate and he is a huge Badgers fan. Today the Badgers will play University of Alabama in the Dallas Cowboys stadium in Arlington, TX. It’s been named the “Game of the Week” by ESPN, so it’s important.

Yesterday, we flew from Tampa to Dallas. We rented a car and drove to Arlington, which I can’t say is too inspiring. There’s not a lot here that is interesting, and we’re staying right near the stadium, which is kind of in the middle of nowhere. Last night, we drove in to the Turtle Creek neighborhood, which is the gay epicenter of Dallas. We hit a couple of gay bars which were fun, especially the western bar where couples were dancing the Texas Two-Step. We had a nice Tex-Mex dinner too. If you ever visit Dallas, don’t miss Turtle Creek.

This morning we drove to downtown Ft. Worth to attend the ESPN College Game of the Week broadcast from Sundance Square. It was fun, seeing all the crazy fans and their signs they waved. The Wisconsin male cheerleaders were pretty sexy too. But I’ll bet the temperature was close to 95 degrees F. We stayed for about 45 minutes, and then left in search of cold water.

Today’s game isn’t happening until seven PM Dallas time, so we’ll hang out at our hotel, maybe watch some other games on TV. It’s too damned hot to do anything outdoors.

Have a nice Saturday, friends, wherever you might be. And Go Badgers!

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