Guys feeling blue; Martin’s back on the island ….

sad boy #12Hi, friends and readers:

Most all the photos I post here are upbeat; they’re either sexy or funny. But I also like photos of guys who are not happy at all, who are suffering an emotional crisis of some sort, be it a romantic break-up, the loss of a family member, an arrest, or losing a job. I think those sort of photos have a lot of power; they remind us that no one is happy every day of his life. We all have to deal with loss and sorrow from time to time.

I especially love the top photo here: the lighting, the way the model is posed, and even his clothing and tattoos. This is a guy who’s a bit irreverent and probably doesn’t show his feelings to others, but he was clearly in pain at the moment the photo was taken, and so we see a side of him that others never will see. His guard is down for once, and you almost want to reach into the photo to squeeze his shoulder and tell him things will be okay.

sad boy #7Well, we flew home from Dallas today, and I can’t say I will miss the place. Visually, the area has very little appeal, but I will say this: the people there are extremely friendly, everyone from hotel personnel to fast food employees and even the folks working in a liquor store where I shopped. They have an open attitude toward strangers that I really liked. So …. the city gets a “D” on atmosphere, but an “A” on hospitality.

I did meet a lot of people I didn’t like; they were Alabama Crimson Tide fans, some of the most obnoxious and unsportsmanlike fans I have ever encountered. What a difference from the Auburn fans we met on New Year’s Day when Wisconsin played Auburn in the Outback Bowl in Tampa. The Auburn folks were sophisticated and cordial to us, even though we were their opponents. That’s how college football fans should be, in my view. We are educated people. But I suspect 75% of the Crimson Tide fans have never set foot in a college classroom. They are college wannabees, and I hope to never share a sporting event with any of them again. As Charlie Brown would say: Blech ….

Anyway, we are home and I’m about to cook dinner for me and my boyfriend while he studies. The island looks beautiful tonight; we are so lucky to live here. Have a nice Sunday night, friends.

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