Slender and sexy; gloomy Labor Day on the island ….

slender #4Hi, friends and readers:

A lot of gay men like beefcake; they want plenty of muscles on their guys, but not me. I’m fine with the slender types like the two in today’s photo posts. And I think both photos are superb. I love the flowers in the background in the top photo. And, of course, the guy in the lower photo has an amazing physique, even if he is rather slender.

Well, I slept in late this morning because I was exhausted from our trip to Dallas and all the partying that took place there. I’m getting too old for that sort of thing, I guess. But after lunch I dragged myself into the city for a full workout and lap-swimming at the YMCA. It all went great and by the time I took a shower and then drove home I was feeling a whole lot better.

slender #6It’s been a terribly gloomy day, here on the Gulf Coast. The skies have been gray all day and rain kept falling intermittently, which made for a rather drab Labor Day for people.  You can’t very well enjoy the beach or a cookout if it’s raining, now can you? When I drove home form the YMCA the rain was still coming down pretty hard, I guess due to some weather system out in the Gulf.

My boyfriend’s college roommate and the roommate’s best friend paid us a day visit this afternoon, but I didn’t seem them because I was at the YMCA while they were here. They’re having an early dinner in the city before driving back home, so I’ll be on my own for a while.

It’s okay. Last week I had a guitar repaired that I have owned for over forty years. It’s a Yamaha FG-180 that I bought when I was in college. It has traveled all over the world with me, and it still has beautiful tone. I haven’t been able to play it since one of the tuning keys came loose from the neck, and that was many months ago. Instead I’ve played my other guitar, and Ovation Legend. But yesterday I got to spend time playing the Yamaha on my back porch, and how beautiful it sounded. 🙂

Since I’m on my own for a while, I think I’ll get the Yamaha out of its case and play it for a bit. Maybe I’ll even sing too. Have a nice Labor Day, friends,

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