Sexy Chandler Parsons; steamy evening on the island ….

chandler parsonsHi, friends and readers:

I’m a University of Florida graduate, and while I am not a sports fanatic like my boyfriend, I do enjoy attending the occasional Gator football or basketball game up in Gainesville.

Back in 2011, we attended three Gator basketball games, and my favorite Gator player was a guy named Chandler Parsons, who you see here to the left, giving a nice hug to an opposing team’s player. I thought Chandler was pretty darned sexy back then, and I was sorry when he graduated.

Recently I learned that Chandler is now playing basketball for the NBA’s Houston Rockets. It made me wonder what he looks like now, so I checked him out on Google images. Here’s what I found:

chandler parsons #2It seems Chandler has beefed up quite a bit since his days as a Gator, but I still think he’s sexy as hell. Next time Houston’s on TV I’ll have to check out the game to get a better look at Chandler. 😉

So, my trip to the YMCA was fine; I had a good workout but the pool was full of people crowding the lap lanes and it made thing difficult for swimming laps. I swam about 75% of my normal distance and called it quits.

I hit the supermarket on the way home, and now I’m about ready to open a cold beer to start the weekend. I’m not sure what our evening holds in store. My boyfriend may go out in Tampa with friends. (I’m ot a nightlife person any longer, so I won’t be going.) It’s okay; he’s been working his butt off all week long and he probably needs to blow off some steam. I’ll do some barbequeing before he leaves, and then maybe I’ll watch a Netflix movie.

Have a nice Friday night, friends.

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