A day of football players; it’s that time of year ….

football #4Hi, friends and readers:

It;s mid-September and football season, both for colleges and the NFL, is officially underway. As mentioned in last night’s post, I’m not really a huge sports fan like my boyfriend. He’ll watch football all day long, at least until I pry him off the sofa. But I do enjoy watching a game or two each week during the season. It’s an interesting sport, and some of the players are, well . . . SEXY.  😉

Check out Mr. Shirtless to the left. Would you like to tackle him and drag him down on top of you? Of course you would …. Oh, and I’m not sure that’s a football he’s holding; it might be a rugby ball but who cares?

I got up fairly early this morning, around 8:30. It was raining outside so I didn’t take my usual beach walk. So I read the newspaper while I drank coffee, and then I got busy doing some housework. My boyfriend’s due home from his night spent in Tampa, and once he gets here we have a lot to do.

football #3We have to pick up an non-assembled storage unit from Walmart, which is so big it’ll have to ride on the top of my Element for the trip home. I’m stopping by a Verizon store to switch plans and get myself a better i-Phone . Then we’ll come home and do our monthly housecleaning, which actually hasn’t been done in about seven weeks.

Nu the way, as much as I love the lower photo I’ve posted here, I still don’t understand why the guy in the foreground is practicing in his boxer briefs. I hope it’s a trend in the sport of football. 😉

Looks like it’s going to be a rainy weekend, here on the island, and that’s okay. Have a nice Saturday, everyone.

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