More sexy football players; football’s on tap for Martin and his b/f tonight ….

football #2Hi, friends and readers:

Since I’m devoting today’s posts to football, I thought I’d share two more of my favorite football player photos. I really like the cut-off jersey the guy to the left is wearing, as it allows us to see his abs. Delicious ….

Well, we didn;t get all our goals accomplished today. I’m afraid my poor boyfriend drank to excess at a dance club in Tampa last night, and this morning he was seriously hung over. But we did manage to get me a new Apple i-Phone 5 (I didn’t want the 6, it’s too damned big.), which I already love, and then we successfully brought home the storage shed we’ll assemble sometimes in the next few days. It’s going on our smaller screened porch, and hopefully will rid us of some of the clutter around our house. We’ll store our golf clubs and all other kinds of paraphernalia in the new shed. I think it was definitely a good move. Our home is a it on the small side and we don’t have a garage, so our storage space is limited.

footballHere’s another football  photo I really like. I think it’s amazing how the photographer snapped the photo at just the right moment, while the guy was airborne. Notice how you can see  all the muscles in his torso and arms? Pretty amazing ….

Well, my boyfriend’s napping at the moment; he needs it. But in just about two hours we’ll drive to a friend’s house nearby where we’ll watch the Florida Gators play Eastern North Carolina in football. I don’t know much about Carolina, and I am sure the Gators are favored by the odds makers, but you never know. Our friend is serving us dinner before the game, so it’s sort of like tailgating, but in the comfort of air conditioning, and with an enormous flat-screened television. We’ll enjoy drinks and snacks before our meal, and then we’ll settle in to watch the game.

Some one wrote me this morning to say, “Are you sure you’re really gay, Martin? Most gay guys don’t watch football, you know.” And I thought to myself, “Oh, really?” Look, I know a lot of gay men who enjoy watching football and other sports. And I know plenty of gay men who are excellent athletes. I don’t think watching sports is strictly for straight guys.

Okay, I need to jump in the shower before we leave for our gathering. Outside, it’s terribly damp and warm; I can’t wait for summer to end. Have a nice Saturday night, friends.

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