Sexy Luke Halpin. Remember the “Flipper” TV show?

luke halpinHi, friends and readers:

Back when I was a young teenager, a series appeared on TV called Flipper. The main characters were a bottle-nosed dolphin and two brothers, one of whom was played by Luke Halpin, who you see in today’s photo posts.

Ninety percent of the the time Luke appeared in scenes, he wore nothing but a pair of cutoff blue jeans shorts. He was perpetually shirtless and suntanned, and his blond hair was shaggy. The show was filmed in the Miami, FL coastal area. As a beach kid myself, I could relate to Luke, and I developed a huge crush on him while the show aired. How I wished Luke lived down the street from me …..

Anyway, if you’d like to see Luke in some film clips from Flipper you can see them here: Ah, Luke, I wonder where you are today?

luke halpin #2It’s been a long day here. We rose around 9:30 after having a little bedroom fun. 😉 After breakfast, we commenced our monthly house cleaning. Then we assembled our new storage shed and installed it on our smaller screened porch in back of our house. It’ll house our golf clubs, lawn chairs, and paraphernalia we use when visiting our fishing camp. It’s a great addition to the property and will make our lives more pleasant.  Our entire property looks less cluttered.

Now it’s five PM and I am exhausted. The two projects took us almost five hours, but now the house is thoroughly cleaned and our shed is in place. It feels so . . . civilized. My boyfriend will be studying all evening, except when we share the dinner I’ll cook, so I’ll have to keep myself entertained.

Have a nice Sunday night, friends.


4 thoughts on “Sexy Luke Halpin. Remember the “Flipper” TV show?

  1. As a kid, I liked the little brother, since he was my age at the time the show ran. But of course, now that I’m at least a few years past puberty, I find Luke to be quite attractive.

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