Beautiful guys in black-and-white; typical Monday in store for Martin ….

black and white beauty #27Hi, friends and readers:

It’s Monday morning, and the beginning of the work-week for many of you. So, I thought I’d liven up your Monday with two of my favorite black-and-white photos. I particularly like the photo to the left. The young man’s beautiful, of course, but I like the way he’s posed, the expression on his face, and the way sunlight is highlighting the contours of his body. Good stuff ….

We spent a quiet evening at home last night. My boyfriend had to study all night, except for when we shared dinner. This morning, we both rose around seven AM. He got himself ready for school and another interview for a summer position next year. I slipped into my swim trunks and a T-shirt, and then I headed for the beach to take a three-mile walk. Conditions were just right this morning. A cool front has entered central Florida and the air temperature was probably in the mid-70’s. I had a great walk, followed by a quick dip in the Gulf. Then I headed home.

black and white beauty #8Do you like the photo to the left as much as I do? The model has an amazing body, and I love the way he’s posed so we only see a small portion of his face. He seems troubled, doesn’t he? I wonder what his dilemma is?

I’ve spent my morning working on edits for my new novel, and now it’s 11:30 AM. In about fifteen minutes I’ll make myself some lunch. Then I’ll drive the Element into the city to visit the YMCA for my usual workout and lap-swimming session. Afterward, I need to visit Home Depot, and I also need to fill one of our boat tanks with ethanol-free gasoline, as we are going up to our fishing camp this coming weekend.

By the time I get home my boyfriend should be done with his interview, and I can’t wait to hear how the interview went. I’m so proud of how well he’s doing in law school, and this particular position sounds perfect for his summer break in 2016. Wish him luck, friends, and have a nice Monday, wherever you are.

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