More beautiful guys in black-and-white; another quiet night for Martin ….

black and white beauty #18Hi, friends and readers:

Today is this week’s “beautiful guys in black-and-white” day, so I’m putting up two more black-and-whites I know you will all love as much as I do. I think the top photo, especially, is outstanding. The boy has an almost unearthly beauty to him, doesn’t he? He reminds me very much of a boy I developed a huge crush on my senior year of high school. He sat beside me in one of my classes, and I looked forward to that class every day. I wonder where Nick is now?

I had a very productive and enjoyable day. Of course, the highlight was my morning walk on the beach, followed by a swim in the Gulf. But I had a good workout at the YMCA, followed by a pleasant lap-swimming session in the indoor pool. There;s something about cruising through the water that brings me peace of mind. After a shower, I felt great when I left the YMCA.

black and white beauty #3My trip to Home Depot was okay, but it always takes me forever to find exactly what I need. I finally did, and then, damn it, the WaWa gas station was out of non-ethanol fuel. G-r-r-r-r.

My next stop was the supermarket, which didn’t take long, and then I cruised home. Just about the time I finished unloading my car my boyfriend arrived home. His interview went well this afternoon, so he was happy. He’ll be studying most of the evening, but I have a nice bottle of French red wine I’m going to share with my friend and neighbor, up on our deck.

I’m going to make a homemade pizza for our dinner tonight, along with a garden salad. It’s a nice warm weather meal to enjoy at this time of year, and it’s easy.

Okay, friends, I hope you enjoyed today’s black-and-white photos. Please, write me and tell me which photo I posted today was your favorite. And have a wonderful Monday night, wherever you might be.

2 thoughts on “More beautiful guys in black-and-white; another quiet night for Martin ….

  1. Hello,

    One of these two photos I took and haas been put here with out MY permission. I have nothing against your blog except using MY work, from MY portfolio with out MY permission.

    Please remove it ASAP!!



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