Sexy and slender; easy day ahead for Martin ….

slender #10Hi, friends and readers:

In the gay male world I suppose the ideal guy is one with plenty of muscle, a beefcake, if you will. But not all of us worship beef; some of us prefer slender guys who somehow seem more graceful and vulnerable at the same time. I think both guys in today’s photo posts are quite appealing. Would you agree? I especially like the young man t the left here. He doesn’t seem to be in a very good mood, does he? And why is he sitting on a road shoulder, wearing nothing but a pair of bib overalls? Like all good photos, it asks more questions than it answers …..

It’s mid-morning, here on the island, and I am getting a late start on the day. My boyfriend and I ended up visiting our timeshare down the street last night for a moonlit swim, and then I ended up sitting on our back porch for at least an hour, listening to our fountain gurgle before going to bed. As a result, I got up late this morning. 🙁

slender #11Oh, here’s a photo  I find very interesting. It’s clearly an amateur and candid shot taken in a public place, and who could blame the photographer for taking it?

Anyway, I digress …. I don’t have a lot on my plate today, but I will stay busy. We have some yard work that needs performed and I guess this morning is as good a time as any for me to do the work. It will mainly involve trimming shrubbery that has grown out of control due to the heavy rains and warm weather we’ve experienced the past two months. Yeah, it’s warm and humid outside this morning, but there’s a breeze blowing and a bit of cloud cover, so I may as well get the work done.

I have two appointments this afternoon, and then I need to visit the wine market to re-stock our supply for the week. I also need to visit the seafood market for tilapia fillets. I have a new recipe I want to try out on my boyfriend this evening. Have a a great Tuesday, friends, wherever you might be today.

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