Guys getting naked in nature; damp and breezy night on the island ….

naked in nature #8Hi, friends and readers:

What is it about guys getting out in the wilds that makes them want to shed their clothes. I guess it gives them a sense of freedom they don’t feel when they’re in the city. Imagine how much fun it would be to fly a kite in your birthday suit? But I hope he’s wearing shoes, at least. I’d hate to see him step on a thorn or a sharp stone. And notice how he has no tan lines. Think he’s a nudist?

My afternoon went great. My workout at the YMCA was excellent; I’m definitely getting close to 100% recovery from my knee surgery. And my lap-swimming was good, too. For the first time since my surgery I swam 1/4-mile, which was my traditional distance pre-surgery. It felt so good I wanted to shout with joy.

I had errands to run after the YMCA, but they didn’t take too long and then I returned to our home to take care of correspondence and tend to a few minor writing matters. Now I am done with all of that and it’s time to relax.

naked in nature #3Oh, and don’t you love this photo to the left? You can almost feel the guy’s elation jumping out of the picture, can’t you? Okay, he’s not entirely naked; he’s wearing a backpack and shoes, but that’s allowed.He definitely has tan lines …. 😉

It’s damp and breezy on the island tonight. We’re having leftover spaghetti from our dinner gathering Saturday night, so I won’t have much work to do for our evening meal. All I have to do is warm things up and make a garden salad to go with the lefties. It’s a piece of cake ….

Have a nice Wednesday night, friends.

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