Hot guys at the beach; Martin’s back from fishing ….

beach boy #3Hi, friends and readers:

It may not be beach season where you live, but in central Florida this isĀ prime beach season. Our summer tourists are fone and our winter tourists have yet to arrive. The summer heat has ebbed, and the Gulf temperature is just right for bathing. Of course, a lot of college boys from our area’s schools will flock to our island’s beach every weekend, which gives me a perfect excuse to take long walks along the shore at this time of year. I see some pretty amazing sights when I’m down there; it’s an ever-changing mixture of guys wearing swimsuits and little else.

beach boy #12Well, we had a wonderful weekend up at our fishing camp. The weather was perfect: warm and sunny during thew day, cool in the evening. This weekend we didn’t fish. Instead we took the boat a few miles out in the Gulf to go scalloping. Scallops are tasty shellfish, and at this time of year, in about eight feet of water, you can collect them form the Gulf’s bottom, using a snorkel and flippers. We collected a bucketful in just about two hours. Then we brought them to home to shell on our front porch while drinking beer. Lats night, I sauteed the scallops in butter and white wine, and then we grilled a small steak to go with them, a sort of surf-and-turf meal. Delicious!

Now we’re back home and feeling rested. My boyfriend’s spending his afternoon studying for Monday classes. Me? I’ll make a run to the booze store for some vodka, and to the fish market to buy fresh grouper for our Sunday dinner, since we didn’t bring home any fish from the camp. It’ll be a tasty meal. Then we’ll watch the Green Bay Packers game at 8:30 PM.

Have a nice Sunday, everyone.

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