Sexy guys in Speedos; easy Monday for Martin ….

black speedoHi, friends and readers:

You know, there’s something about the way a Speedo swimsuit fits a guy that is sexy as hell, assuming he’s in good physical shape. I mean, take a look at the guy to the left here. I could stare at him for hours …. 😉

Now, I wear a Speedo when I swim laps at the YMCA, but that’s the  only place I wear one. It’s convenient because it doesn’t take up much space in my backpack, and because it dries quickly in the swimsuit-drying machine in the locker room. But I don’t have the body to wear one in public; that’s the domain of younger men.

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I rose at 7:30 this morning. After I guzzled some water and kissed my boyfriend goodbye, I headed down to the shore to take my usual three-mile walk on the beach. The air was cool, as the sun was just rising over buildings to the east. The Gulf was calm and very few people were down there. I saw a bottle-nosed dolphin chasing fish for his breakfast, a very beautiful sight.

Speaking of beautiful, have a look at the guy to the left. Doesn’t his Speedo look great on him? But the guys behind him aren’t even noticing. How could they not?

I have an easy day ahead of me. A repairman is due here in the next hour or two. He’ll work on our refrigerators freezer, which has been acting a little weird. So I am stuck here until he’s done his thing, and who knows how long that will take? It’s okay. Once I finish this post I’ll read the paper, and then I’ll make myself some lunch. Once he’s done, I’ll visit the supermarket to stock the fridge and cupboards for the week. And that’s about all I have planned. Exciting, eh?

Have a nice Monday, everyone.

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