A boyfriend in your bed. What could be better?

boyfriend in bed #10Hi, friends and readers:

I have a wonderful boyfriend; we have lived together for five years and yet our romantic life never gets stale. Whenever we share intimacy, it almost feels like the first time.

I know I am very lucky, and I never take our relationship for granted. When we are lying in bed together I can’t resist touching him. I feel like he was made to be mine and I was made to be his.

After he’s finished working today he is traveling up to Gainesville, FL with friends to attend a football game at the University of Florida, where I spent four years as an undergraduate. I’m not going with him because tomorrow morning I am boarding a Southwest flight to Manchester, NH with one of my best friends. The two of us will spend a week at my friend’s cabin in a remote area of central Maine, so I won’t be seeing my boyfriend for a while.

boyfriend in bed #1Now, as I mentioned yesterday, I think one of the keys to a successful relation-ship between two men is a willingness to give the other guy space to do things on his own. And I think my boyfriend and I are pretty good about that. I don’t insist that he spends all his free time doing things with me, and likewise he doesn’t expect that of me. Our independence is important to us, and so we have times such as this, when I go one way and he goes another. I don’t feel threatened by it, nor does he.



This place I am going in Maine is not techno savvy. I won’t have Internet or even cell phone service, so I’m afraid all of you will have to d without Martin’s lovely photos and his scintillating commentaries on life until next Sunday, and that’s about ten days from now. Do you think you can survive without me for that long?

My friend and I will stay busy up there. We’ll hike, canoe, and explore. We’ll build campfires and play Scrabble. We’ll eat far too much lobster and mussels, and we’ll probably drink more beer and vodka than we should, but that’s what a Maine vacation is all about.

I’ve lived through five months of summer heat, here in Florida while recuperating from my knee surgery back in May, and now I am ready for some cool weather and some fall foliage up in New England. Be safe while I am gone, friends.

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