Get in the Halloween spirit; read Martin’s short novel, “Trick and Treat” ….

TrickAndTreat Revised High Res smallerHi, friends and readers:

About five years ago Noble Romance Publishing released my short novel titled Trick and Treat. The book sold well, right out of the box, and every year around this time it starts selling well again, I guess because the book has a Halloween theme. It also contains a few graphic, male-male sex scenes, so it’s clearly for the over-eighteen crowd. Here’s the blurb for the book:

“Eric’s a college freshman and a computer geek. His college dorm mate, Tyler, is a loner who dabbles in the occult. While trick-or-treating near campus, Eric meets Roland, a vampire with a taste for young men. Their physical encounter casts a spell over Eric. Is he doomed to become a vampire himself, or can Tyler help free Eric from Roland’s grasp? Can the budding friendship between Eric and Tyler evolve into something more?”

If you want to learn more about the book you can check it out on Amazon’s site right here:

I had a great workout and lap-swimming session at the YMCA, and then I hit our island supermarket for groceries on the way home. A super-cute bag boy handled my groceries; he’s in his first year of college. We got to know each other when we were both in the hospital back in May 2015, me for my knee surgeries, he for motorcycle accident injuries. We had a pleasant chat; he’s a nice guy, and I was glad to hear he’s recovered very well. What a great way to start my evening ….

Have a nice Monday night, everyone.

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