Sexy guys in jockstraps; typical Wednesday for Martin ….

jockstrap #2Hi, friends and readers:

It’s funny how a garment as simply as a jockstrap can make a guy look so appealing, but it clearly does. I remember when I was in high school and I was required to take PE. All the guys were also required to wear a jockstrap while engaging in physical activities, and I can remember some seniors in my class parading around in their jockstraps, looking pretty damned sexy, especially one guy named Peter who sported an amazing bulge in his strap. Peter, where are you today?

jockstrap #4Well, I don’t know why but I ended up sleeping in until 8:30 this morning. I guess I am still a bit fatigued from my trip to Maine. So I missed my morning beach walk, which was too bad because it’s so beautiful outside today: sunny, dry and not too warm.

For the past six months I have worked on two novels, one recently written and the other written several years ago. The latter had to be completely re-written, which took a lot of time since it’s 135,000 words long. Now both are completed and I’ve submitted both to literary agents and also to publishers who don’t require agented submissions.

This morning I decided it was about time I wrote some new material, so I got busy on a memoir about my best friend who I shared life with from the time I was six until I was eleven. His name was Brian. and I idolized him since he was a year older than me. My father wasn’t part of my life back then, so Brian became my male role model instead. Okay, he wasn’t perfect–he was a poor student and a miscreant–but I loved him and he was very protective of me when I was a boy.┬áIt’s funny how memories start bubbling up when I write a memoir. My mind has so many memories stored up inside it, and they just start flowing when I write a piece like this.

Today will be a typical Wednesday for me. After lunch I’ll drive into town to visit the YMCA for a workout and lap-swimming, and then I’ll hit the wine market for my weekly wine purchases. My boyfriend’s attending a dinner meeting tonight, so I’ll be on my own, and that’s okay. Have a nice Wednesday, everyone.

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