Another sexy soccer player; quiet night in store for Martin ….

soccer player #2Hi, friends and readers:

Since so many people liked the soccer player photos I posted this morning I thought I’d post one more this evening. It’s a great photo, isn’t it? I wonder if he always plays shirtless? If I were his coach I’d insist on it …. 😉

Well, I retrieved my boyfriend from the airport around one PM, and after I brought him home I went to the YMCA for a workout. I was an hour behind my usual schedule, so I skipped lap-swimming and headed back to our island, where I visited our local seafood market for fresh shrimp and a bottle of wine. Now I’ m home and ready for a relaxing evening.

My boyfriend will be hitting the books all evening, but I may see if our friend and neighbor might want to join me for a soak in the hot tub after dinner. Doesn’t that sound nice? Have a nice Monday night, friends.

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