Sexy Marlon Tiexeira; quiet night on the island ….

marlonHi, friends and readers:

You guys know me, I tend to like slender, smooth types of guys. But I like to think of myself as somewhat versatile in my sexual tastes, and I find fashion model Marlon Tiexeira, who you see in tonight’s photo posts, pretty sexy, beard and all. I think Marlon is from Brazil, as he appears to be close friends with my favorite South American in the world, Francisco Lachowski. I wonder if they’ve ever shared a bed? I mean. who knows? Anyway, I’d go on a date with Marlon, would you?

Well, my fridge is still not fixed, and I spent the better part of the early afternoon hollering at Sears people over the phone. The problem is they’re all in India at a call center and they can’t do much to help you, plus the service tech Sears sent our here today was clueless. The misery goes on ….

marlon teixeiraOkay, here’s another Marlon photo. Even if you are a twink lover you must admit that Marlon has one beautiful body. Aye-yi-yi …. If he were my boyfriend I’d take him to my barber for a haircut, and then I’d lend him my shaving razor. I’ll bet he’d look great cleaned up … πŸ˜‰

It’s quiet here on the island tonight. My boyfriend is studying away while I’m tending to dinner, which isn’t easy ’cause our fridge is standing the in the middle of the kitchen. πŸ™ Well, you do what you have to do, right? I’m baking pork chops and apples in the oven, and then I’m making macaroni & cheese as a side. It’s a tasty meal, trust me.

Have a nice Thursday evening, everyone.

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