A pair of sexy selfies; Martin’s golfing today ….

camera #5Hi, friends and readers:

Selfies are usually boring beyond belief. The photography is poor, the subject matter even worse, but sometimes I’ll come across a few that are worth looking at, mainly because the photographers are so appealing. I place today’s photos posts in that category. I mean, would you pass up a date with either of these guys? Of course you wouldn’t.

I rose at eight AM today, and then I took my usual three-mile walk at the beach. The Gulf was calm, the sun shone, and a nice cool breeze blew from the northeast. The tide was super-low, so the walking surface was perfect for me since I walk barefooted and I didn’t have to step on seashells. I spent the rest of the morning writing fresh material for my story-in-progress. Now it’s almost lunchtime and I’ll warm up some leftovers in just a few minutes, a shrimp and pasta dish I made a few nights ago that I saved in the fridge next door. (Our fridge still isnlt working, but that’s another story.)

camera #2I’m kind of excited about this afternoon. My sister and brother-in-law are staying next door in our vacation rental, and after lunch the three of us will play a round of golf at a nice course south of here, where every hole is unique and it’s never crowded at this time of year.

I have not played golf since March, when I played with my boyfriend and his dad. It’s just too hot to play golf in Florida between the months of May and October, plus after three years of trying to master the game I finally concluded I was not cut out to be a good golfer. So now I only play for fun and I don’t take the game seriously. It’s a game. 

My boyfriend, of course, is at school attending classes today, so he can’t join us at the golf course.

Because of our refrigerator difficulties, preparing dinner at our house is a real pain in the butt, so I think we’ll order takeout for ur evening meal tonight, I’m think pizza and salad form a place down the road.

Have a nice Thursday, everyone.

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