More skateboarder pics; beautiful fall day on the island ….

skater picHi, friends and readers:

People really liked yesterday’s retro skateboarder photos, so I thought I’d dedicate this weekend to skate-boarders and especially to gay skateboarders.

Someone once wrote to me at this site and told me, “There are no gay skateboarders, man.” Believe me, nothing could be farther from the truth. I hear form gay skateboarders all the time; it’s a huge segment of the skating community, and though most aren’t out to their skater buds, they aren’t ashamed of their sexuality either. They are also very passionate about their sport, which I admire, Go for it, guys ….

Skater tub bathing #2Here is one of my all-time favorite skater pics; I think it’s both funny and sexy. Wouldn’t you love to scrub his back for him?

Well, I stayed up late last night and I probably drank more win than I should have, but that’s okay. It was Friday and I was in the mood. Anyway, I ended up sleeping until nine AM this morning, so I skipped my morning beach walk. I made breakfast, and now it’s time to work on my styory-in-progress. Outside it’s a beautiful fall day: sunny, dry and still. After lunch I plan to take a long bike ride, here on the island, for some exercise.

Have a great Saturday, everyone.

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