Male beauty in black-and-white; another windy day on the island ….

black and white beauty #10Hi, friends and readers:

Once a week I like to post a few of my favorite black-and-white photos that I think my readers will enjoy, and I’ve chosen to do so today. I especially like the photo to the left because it asks so many questions. Why is the young man naked? Where is he, a locker room? Why is he staring at the ball he’s holding? What’s on his mind? Of course, we can speculate about the answers to those questions, but we’ll never really know what the photographer was trying to convey, and that’s what I like about the photo. It’s a mystery.

Well, I rose at 7:30, and then I drove to a diagnostic lab to have blood drawn. I also had to pee in a cup, which is always fun. The place was crowded as hell; I had to wait almost two hours before the called me up. But at least it’s done and I won’t have to go back for six more months.

black and white beauty #7It’s another blustery day, here on the island, way to windy to walk on the beach or ride my bike for exercise. Also, I am pretty much tied down to the house today until yet another refrigerator repair guy from Sears comes. This will be their fifth visit, and the whole thing is becoming a sort of joke. Assuming they do come at a reasonable hour, I will try to take a three-mile walk on the island after the Sears guy leaves, just to get out of the house and get some exercise.

I’m kind of excited because tonight two friends from Germany are coming to stay in our vacation rental apartment next door for a week. They are a straight couple from Hamburg. I have known the woman since she was a girl; her older brother lived with me for a year as an exchange student, way back in 1998. I have also met her fiance before; he’s super-nice guy, and it’ll be fun having them here.

Okay, everyone, have a wonderful Tuesday wherever you might be today.

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