Hot guys in their backward ball caps; fun night ahead for Martin ….

ball cap backward #5Hi, friends and readers:

I like the look of a backward ball cap on a guy under the age of thirty, especially if he’s shirtless and has a body like the guys in tonight’s photo posts. I mean, check out this guy to the left. Think going on a date with him might be fun? Aye-yi-yi ….

I went out to lunch with our German guests, and this resulted in a late start to my workout at the YMCA, so I did my full workout but skipped swimming laps in the pool, since I had a number of errands to run afterward. I got the errands done, and then I headed for home. Now my boyfriend’s home studying while I am getting ready to host a nice evening with our friends. They are such nice people and so much fun. It’s great to spend time with them.

ball cap backward #2I’ve always liked this particular photo to the left. I like the guy’s dark eyes and hair, and his smooth skin, plus I find the expression on his face curious. It’s hard to tell if he’s cruising some guy or if he’s feeling unhappy about something. Who knows, but he sure is sexy. 😉

So tonight we’ll have a drink or two on our new observation deck, and then I’ll fire up the charcoal grill to cook pork chops for the four of us. I’m making Cajun dirty rice and steamed yellow squash with onion and bell pepper. It’s all southern cooking I’m sure will turn out just fine.

Okay, everyone, enjoy your Wednesday evening, wherever you might be, and if you’re under thirty try wearing your ball cal backward tonight. It’ll look great on you ….

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